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punches ur arm

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mini jae by starsweet
pixels from pixelshiba


Spring Valley, California [09.11.13] (by Andrew H Wagner | AHWagner Photo)

How are you such an attractive lady?



x it me x




i love that finn vowed to help people in need b/c he fell in his own shit as a baby

i rly want art of my new rat fursona

but first i gotta do a freaking ref

i cant draw and i hate doing references ugh

The Art Of Gaming

ugh i rly wanna play animal crossing right now


whenever people say they dont like cats because they dont happily greet you at the door i give them the stinkiest eye


Just a thing to prove to my mom.

Please reblog if you’re a girl and you don’t shave your legs/arm pits, or you’re a girl who does shave her legs/arm pits, but doesn’t think any the less of others that do not or if you’re a guy who doesn’t care if a girl shaves or not.

If I get enough reblogs, I’ll show this to her, and maybe it will be enough to convince her to stop telling me to be ashamed of my body’s natural functions just because I’m a girl.

earthdaily: Spring Rise by MStout

I drew what I’d like my next argonian character to look like 

she is fiiine

sometimes I feel like doing a few art requests but I feel like I don’t always wanna draw some peoples’ characters??

I think I’m just gonna draw characters I like instead, rather than saying “yo i’m taking requests”


jean finally dies and gets into the afterlife and marco tells him that piece of bone wasnt even his